New layout of our live chat widget - now we can provide even better technical support for our users

Good morning, we have updated our live chat widget. Now the live chat requires you to enter basic information in order for us to be able to provide even better technical or sales support. The main issue before with some support tickets were - they are opened, the user leaves and we can't look into the problem as need to know the account the ... Read More »

7th Sept 2020
We are VAT registered. Please update your profiles if you are VAT registered as well.

Next important step is done - No Stress Limited (trading as HostMaria) is VAT registered. Date of the creation of our VAT number: September 03, 2020. The VAT number has been registered with effect from September 01, 2020. No Stress Limited VAT number is: GB 356 688 153 Is your company VAT registered as well? If it is the case > please ... Read More »

5th Sept 2020

Dear Visitors,

We have completed migration of our website to a datacenter in Germany in order to improve performance. All services appear to be functioning as intended, but if you notice any issues, please let us know and we'll sort it out ASAP.

Kind regards, Team

31st Aug 2020
We have launched Forum and public Marketplace | HostMaria community Only

Having a forum has been high on my priority list for a long. And today, it gives me great pleasure to share that we have just launched the HostMaria community forums at Forums are an important place for the community to discuss topics, find help with problems, make new contacts, promote your website and get ... Read More »

30th Aug 2020
Cloud Server Network Connectivity

[August 29, 2020] Between 15:22 and 15:41 20i datacentre experienced an increased number of 503 HTTP response codes for websites hosted in a particular network zone from our shared hosting platform. The root cause has been identified as a fault from one of 20i network-attached storage (NAS) nodes, which started to perform abnormally around 15:13. ... Read More »

29th Aug 2020
Scheduled Maintenance - MySQL Reboots (Cloud Servers)

Between 22:00 and 23:00 GMT+1 on 1st September 2020 20i engineers will be performing maintenance that impacts the following MySQL instances of our Cloud Servers:   shared-a shared-b shared-c shared-d shared-e shared-f shared-g shared-h shared-i wordpress-a wordpress-b wordpress-c   Any databases on the above instances will be ... Read More »

28th Aug 2020
Scheduled Datacentre Maintenance

Between Friday 14th August 05:00 and Monday 17th August 21:00 GMT+1 20i engineers will be performing essential maintenance on our core network. The work involves a number of changes to fibre interconnects in preparation for new circuits and additional capacity later this month. We will do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience caused, ... Read More »

12th Aug 2020
We have enabled Paypal checkout

Since the day 1 we have been receiving requests to enable Paypal. Well, making short story short: it is done. Now you can check out at HostMaria with your Paypal account. Note: we will be closely monitoring all Paypal payments as, based on me personal thoughts and experience, there is a higher fraudulent transaction risk when dealing with Paypal ... Read More »

29th Jul 2020
We welcome Renars to the HostMaria Technical Support Team!

Please join us in welcoming Renars Silters to the HostMaria Technical Support Team! From day 1 Renars takes the position of a Senior Technical Support specialist. Renars has 15+ years in working with data centres, had his own data centre in the UK and also runs his own hosting company Shark Servers. Support languages: English, Latvian, Russian ... Read More »

15th Jul 2020
SSH access removed for all Cloud Hosting users

SSH/Shell access has been removed for all Cloud hosting users. Over last week we have had many SSH abuse attempts, both valid and targeting the security of our servers. This all resulted in deletion of users, of whom some could be lifetime HostMaria clients and countless hours of conversations with users and our cloud engineers. This decision ... Read More »

26th Jun 2020