Welcome to HostMaria!

The story of HostMaria starts with Maidstone, UK based company Media Tower Limited that has been offering web design, seo and fully managed hosting services since 2011. In January 2020 we launched test business hosting packages in partnership with one of the largest UK datacentres 20i and clients started coming in on daily basis.

And the results were great! Most people loved the offer, technical specifications and the price, of course. Still, during this first initial test certain things did come up:

  1. Accounts have to be created much faster (average delivery time was 2-10 hrs, with couple exceptions going both sides).
  2. 1/2 of people forgot to add primary domain name.
  3. Customer support is MUST have - and it has to be much faster, even if I provide self-managed hosting.
  4. Backups are crucial for webmasters who love doing lots of changes on their websites.
  5. The brand name is highly suggestible for hosting offers.

And we started with a Brand. In May 28th 2020 a new company has been created - "No Stress Limited" https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/12629117 (reference to Companies House) and the brand name chosen was HostMaria. 2 logos were hand drawn:

Square logo of HostMaria

and the full (long) logo of HostMaria:

Full (long) logo of HostMaria

And now about the rest of how to are prepared to tackle the initial challanges (the process):

  1. Account creation speed. Today HostMaria is using the hosting industry gold standard "WHMCS" (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) that is connected to 20i system allowing us to automate the provisioning you the awesome hosting packages we do. In short: Account creation has been fully automated. Solved.
  2. 1/2 of people forgot to add primary domain name. WHMCS is configured in the way that a new client has to provide a domain name (or you can buy one) in the checkout process. Solved.
  3. Customer support. We are in process of hiring my 1st tech support person (from Phillipines). At the moment all the support will be provided by Helmuts Meskonis, the owner of  HostMaria. In total there are planned 3 shifts of 2 people working as Tech Support representatives, though, of course, it will take time and lots of small steps. In progress.
  4. Backups. We have implemented 30 day automatic backups added and the system has been tested on couple heavy websites and is working 100%. Solved.
  5. The brand name. As described the above > welcome to HostMaria. Solved.

If at any point you get stuck, our support team is here to assist you. Simply visit https://www.hostmaria.com/contact.php  to request assistance.

Helmuts Meskonis

Saturday, May 30, 2020

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