Online fraud gets bigger and bigger problem each year and we at rely on Stripe Radar to deal with it.

Let the screenshots talk. Here you can see 2 pages of payments where 99% are "Pending" - it means they were rejected by Stripe and it saved us huge amount of time dealing with fraudulent customers who are unwanted here at HostMaria:

pending payments

pending payments at our Stripe dashboard

And as you can imagine - this is just a tip of the iceberg.

We would like to thank Stripe for saving us huge amounts we would need to invest in a fraud management team to investigate every transaction for potential fraud - instead Stripe takes care of this task on our behalf.

Yes, this announcement could look like a paid advertisement, but let me assure you - this is rather a huge THANK YOU post.

Learn more about Stripe Radar:

A note to users who try to abuse our good will and system: No illegal activities will be tolerated at and if caught - your account will be terminated immediately along with all the domains/services you have with us. Also, we are working on semi-automated on reporting illegal activities to law representatives.

Be safe,

Helmuts Meskonis


Monday, June 22, 2020

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