Next important step is done - No Stress Limited (trading as HostMaria) is VAT registered.

Date of the creation of our VAT number: September 03, 2020.

The VAT number has been registered with effect from September 01, 2020.

No Stress Limited VAT number is: GB 356 688 153

No Stress Limited VAT number is: GB 356 688 153

Is your company VAT registered as well? If it is the case > please update your HostMaria profile.

A common mistake is to enter a tax number instead of a VAT registration number. EU VAT registration numbers start with a country-specific ID, followed by a maximum of 12 characters (numbers or letters). Visit the European Commission's website if you'd like to confirm your EU VAT registration number.

Australian businesses should enter their ABN (Australian Business Number), a unique 11-digit identifier.

New Zealand businesses should enter their NZBN (New Zealand Business Number), a unique 13-digit identifier.

Please do contact us (open a support ticket) if invoices you start getting, from now on, does not contain VAT number or it is calculated improperly.

Our invoices are valid VAT invoices for tax purposes.


As for the existing prices. All prices, except the dedicated servers, remain the same and VAT is included in the end price. :) These are great news for all our existing and future customers.

HostMaria was built with the idea that we do Not plan to raise prices like most hosting companies do.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

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