We have enabled Paypal checkout

Since the day 1 we have been receiving requests to enable Paypal. Well, making short story short: it is done. Now you can check out at HostMaria with your Paypal account. Note: we will be closely monitoring all Paypal payments as, based on me personal thoughts and experience, there is a higher fraudulent transaction risk when dealing with Paypal ... Read More »

29th Jul 2020
We welcome Renars to the HostMaria Technical Support Team!

Please join us in welcoming Renars Silters to the HostMaria Technical Support Team! From day 1 Renars takes the position of a Senior Technical Support specialist. Renars has 15+ years in working with data centres, had his own data centre in the UK and also runs his own hosting company Shark Servers. Support languages: English, Latvian, Russian ... Read More »

15th Jul 2020