I can't connect via FTP, what can I do?

There are a few common reasons why you may not be able to connect successfully via FTP.

Note: All the information explained in this tutorial can be found and/or edited at your StackCP dashboard.

1. Make sure you're using the correct hostname

If you’ve not switched the nameservers to point to HostMaria - Cloud, you’ll need to use a different hostname to connect via FTP:

  • For Linux and Windows, you can use: ftp.stackcp.com
  • For WordPress you can use: wordpressftp.yourdomain.com

The default nameservers for all our Cloud Hosting users are:

  • ns1.stackdns.com
  • ns2.stackdns.com
  • ns3.stackdns.com
  • ns4.stackdns.com

2. Make sure you have the FTP DNS record

If you’ve made any DNS changes you need to make sure that you have a CNAME from:

ftp.yourdomain.com -> CNAME -> ftp.stackcp.com (or wordpressftp.yourdomain.com on the WordPress platform).

Without this CNAME you won’t be able to connect using ftp.yourdomain.com.

Please note DNS changes can take roughly 1 hour to propagate.

3. Make sure FTP is unlocked

unlock the ftp from your stackcp dashboard

At HostMaria - Cloud we utilise an FTP lock system to ensure FTP can only be accessed when required which greatly reduces the risk of compromise to a hosting package. You'll need to make sure this is unlocked to connect via FTP, to do this:

  • Login to https://stackcp.com
  • Select the hosting package you want to unlock FTP for from Manage Hosting
  • You can then select to unlock FTP by time, or by a specific IP address.

When FTP has been unlocked you'll be shown the time the unlock expires and the option to lock it again.

4. Use the correct password

Make sure you are using the correct password! You’ll need to use the password that is located within the FTP Details section of the package.

How do I connect via FTP?

Connecting via FTP to your web hosting is quick and easy.

Filezilla settings

Ensure you have an FTP client available. We'd recommend FileZilla.

  • Head to Manage Hosting
  • Select Manage
  • On the right-hand side of the control panel, you'll see the FTP panel. You'll need to unlock FTP by either time or IP address
  • You'll see the FTP Details section that contains your FTP Server (Host), Username and Password
  • Enter these details into FileZilla and select Quickconnect

You should now be connected to your web hosting via FTP.

If you're having trouble connecting via FTP, we'd recommend reviewing the guide called I can't connect via FTP, what can I do? for common steps to diagnose what's wrong.

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