What are the main nameservers for Cloud Hosting?

The default nameservers for all our Cloud Hosting users are:

  • ns1.stackdns.com
  • ns2.stackdns.com
  • ns3.stackdns.com
  • ns4.stackdns.com


Any newly registered domain names through HostMaria will be automatically assigned these nameservers.

These nameservers make use of Google's high-end DNS infrastrucutre, providing fully redundant and stable nameservers.


There are several ways where to see your nameservers and here are couple of them:

1) Welcome email will contain them.

2) Once you login into your Stackpc.com dashboard (Cloud hosting management side) > you will see a yellow notification on the right side saying that the nameservers haven't been changed yet:

  • nameservers
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